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We started our journey in a humble office in South Mumbai over a decade ago. No big investors or teams , just a bunch of event guys with a common diary of client names and vendors. That meant we did it all, knew it all and everyone was on top of everything. Equal stakeholders from pitch to profit.

While times have changed, our onus to remain answerable for it all , stays the same. 


The building brick of our company has always been 4 words

"what your event needs"

We understand your business and event goals ,add in market trends and create your event strategies. 

Value -> You -> Us


We're passionate about organising superior events. It's our aim to Inspire, Create & Succeed alongside our clients while providing world class event experiences.


You will find in us, 

a team that focuses on the big picture & minute details equally.

 To ensure excellence we adapt your inspiration and follow it up with our expertise, experience and commitment. 

A decade long experience has its benefits and versatility is our key to existence. 

We offer you creative, effective events with memorable experiences.

No 'run of the mill'

event for us

360 VIEW

Applebee : where creativity meets rationale

At Applebee, we know that a truly successful event starts way before the stage, decor and lighting. These components are important  but they do not define your event. Understanding your organisation and the business reasons for putting on an event lays the foundation that ensures your event is providing a return on investment. Our approach is unlike our competitors because we focus on your business first and your event is the result.

Creative Concepts + Perfect Logistical planning + Flawless onsite execution = An Applebee Event


Continues with our pursuit of new events and markets. If you're someone with fresh event ventures -we'd love to hear from you. Business partners are welcome.

Impress your participants. Engage Them. Influence. Go beyond the Hi-Tea , Company speaker conference. Enhance your corporate outlook. Meet Us....

The most powerful and enduring brand activities are built from heart and head. They're realistic, creative , personable and sustainable Know More....

When you were crafted unique with attention to detail by mother nature, why should rejoicing your life be the same as everyone else ? Celebrate 'YOU' with our Personalised Events ....