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Team and Vision - About Us Page

Reach through link on Home page.

Contents - Vision, Mission, Applebee Personality.

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Services Page

Introduction to what we do.

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Mini Applebee Events Photo Gallery

Applebee Work ethics and business model

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   Event Management

Introduction on Applebee Events management style.

          Corporate Events - List

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          Social Events - List

Brand Management

Introduction on Applebee Brand mgmt services.

       Brand Creation Services

       Brand Positioning

       Brand Promotion Services


Introduction on Applebee Events marketing services

        List of marketing services offered.

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Detailed Photos of events done by Applebee Events with brief case study attached.

Client List in general text column.



Welcome note to all viewers.

'What's new' Scroller sharing recent work, EDMs, Fliers and social messages from Applebee Events

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Introductory notes on how to connect.

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